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Any quantity of the ecologically endangered medicinal leech (species Hirudo verbana carena), can be ordered from us in the standardized and hygienically superior quality you desire.

Our company, “Hirusan Tıbbi Sülükleri” (Hirusan Medical Leeches), is cultivating, breeding and developing this valuable product under standardized conditions, with continuous monitoring, using biological methods which protect the species.

We are optimistic that our leeches will meet and exceed the high European standards of quality for medicinal products.

It is furthermore our goal to preserve the small remaining population of the medicinal leech in spite of grossly uncontrolled poaching which is disturbing the natural ecological balance, thereby protecting one of the most important live animal exports of Turkey from the brink of extinction and guarantying our country long-lasting revenue.

We offer our customers the possibility to use medicinal leeches inexpensively and on a long-term basis in human and animal therapy.

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